Thu 30 October 2014 | Tips, -- (permalink)

I have suspected my webcam to have an electrical default for a while. As a result I used to have plenty of USB connect/disconnect/error events in the kernel journal like the following lines:

kernel: usb 1-1.2: new full-speed USB device number 123 using ehci-pci ...

Tue 30 September 2014 | Tips, tags: exherbo, -- (permalink)

Hey this is my first post of the year, happy new ye... oh wait. As of now Couchbase can't be packaged in Paludis/Exherbo due to the lack of support of git-repo. So if we want to play with this soft we need to build it manually from source ...

Wed 18 December 2013 | Tips, -- (permalink)

UPDATE 2014/03/16: updated sed line to remove the header of initial csv file.

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post. Few days ago I found a cool free and open-source (and cross-platform) software for personal accounting: HomeBank[1].

This tool works well but the ...

Thu 25 July 2013 | Tips, -- (permalink)

UPDATE 2014/06/07: patched the patch for Mutt 1.5.23

Hey, I'm back after "several" busy days to show you a little tip of my virtual set "Leave Gmail". In case you have several folders with a lot of emails (more than 10,000 per folder) like ...

Wed 26 June 2013 | Photography, -- (permalink)

Aujourd'hui je vais sortir un peu de mon thème habituel pour vous parler de deux autres passions qui occupent mon temps libre à l'occasion : les 24 Heures du Mans et la photo.
Ce que j'avais à dire ne rentrait pas dans un tweet alors voilà un petit ...

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